Bloemfontein Hellenic Youth Association – BHYA

BHYA (Bloemfontein Hellenic Youth Association) operates within the “city-village” that is Bloemfontein and prides itself on its quality-over-quantity appeal to give back to its community. As the only affiliate of its kind in the Freestate, BHYA highlights the importance of promoting the beauty of Hellenic culture as well as welcoming all youth within proximity to form part of its family-like community. With religious, social and charity events, we try our utmost to appeal to all kinds of audiences. Our committee looks forward to a productive and innovative year!


  • Valentino Moutzouris

Vice President

  • Christina Couvaras


  • Myrsini Christou


  • Nikko Pappas

Committee Members

  • Michelle Jobert
  • Manoli Sofiadellis
  • George Koupis
  • Kayla Coccosulis
  • Yiannis Glynos
  • Panos Bunyaz
  • Electra Aresti – Social Media
  • Ricky Ioannou
  • Kosta Grammatikos
  • Blaise Toumazou
  • Marino Papas
  • Michael Comitis