Upcoming events

National Congress Theme: Apokries

Information written by Eugenia Pappathanassiu. Images taken from Google Images.  In a nutshell, Apokries is Greece’s token Carnival which allows Greeks to indulge and celebrate before the 40 day fast (Sarakosti) leading up to Orthodox Easter. It takes place over three weeks: week one is ‘’Profoni’’ (the. Pre-announcement), week two is the ‘’Kreatini’’ (Meat Week) […]

National Congress Theme: Oktoberfest

Article written by our wonderful, Eugenia Pappathanassiu. Images taken from Google Images.  Oktoberfest, which is held annually in Munich, Germany, is the world’s largest ‘’Volkfest’’ which includes a traveling funfair with loads of food and activities as well as the world renowned beer festival. This year, Oktoberfest is 207 years old and still going strong. […]

National Congress Theme: Cinco De Mayo

Article written by our wonderful, Eugenia Pappathanassiu. Images taken from Google Images.  On 5 May every year, Americans drink several shots of tequila in honor of the time when 4000 very inexperienced Mexican soldiers defeated 6500 French soldiers who were well equipped and skilled in the art of war. Yes, Cinco de Mayo, which directly translates to […]

My Congress Experience

My Congress Experience by Costa Kyriacou.  Congress seems like a lot of fun and it is. Congress seems like a massive party and it is. Congress seems like it attracts a lot of youth from around the country and it does. All of the above are tangible to every person that experiences this incredible getaway, […]


Yet another month goes by on the calendar. A relatively quiet month when it comes to events because most of us are in the middle of exams or getting ready to depart for Greece/Cyprus! Keep an eye out on the blog the next few weeks – we have some exciting articles being launched this month […]

HSA Greek Orthodox Service – 20th May

 A Greek Orthodox Service will be held in English on the 20th May. What a lovely opportunity for non-fluent Greek speakers to thoroughly understand and appreciate the service ✝️. Hope to see you all there!


HSA’S ANNUAL SLUG BUS HAS ARRIVED We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first week back at varsity than by slug bussing with all of you We will be bar hopping to 3 different Slug and Lettuce bars with a complimentary shot and free food at each bar. Tifla, of course, will […]

PTA Youth on a fun-filled, kiddies day – 19th May

Join the PTA Youth on a fun-filled, kiddies day! Come and watch, or drop off your kids, at the Greek Community of Pretoria on the 19th of May, or after greek dancing from 15:00 – 16:30. There will be soccer, an egg and spoon race, painting, dancing, music and much more! Free of charge! There […]


JOIN NAHYSOSA BHYA FOR OUR FIRST EVER “COME WINE WITH ME” EVENT! Date: 13 May 2017 Time: 8PM till late Venue: Reizis square (the old Jack and Jill) Entrance: R50 ***This gets you in and gets you a wine glass for the night!*** Dress code: Semi-Formal Keep an eye on our page for our DJ […]

SHA Beer Pong Tournament – 6th May

Get your game face on for SHA’s Beer Pong! ???? Here are the deets… Date: Saturday, 6 May 2017 Time: 19:00 Place: Greek Sporting Club, Senderwood Price: R100 (Includes drinks for two rounds) This is our last event before exams start & you DO NOT want to miss out! Please finalise teams (3 players per […]