Pretoria Hellenic Youth Association – PHYC

PHYC (Pretoria Hellenic Youth Association) continues to fulfill its mission of reaching new heights every year as a result of its previous successful years. We plan to incorporate some new twists into old events to maintain a contemporary appeal due to a considerable influx of youth in the community. We look forward to seeing you at our events, participating with us, and helping us make a difference steadily and successfully.


  • Annoula Spyridis

Vice President

  • Georgie Charalambous & George Bofilatos


  • Natasa Milonas


  • Theodora Alexandrakis

Committee Members

  • Aristothemos  Tzircalle – Vice Treasurer
  • Anastasios Athanasiadis – Editor
  • Christos Bofilatos – Public Relations Officer
  • Christos Dadios  – Vice Public Relations Officer
  • George Nichas – Design and Social Networking
  • Thania Kasimiotis – Head of Charity
  • Alexia -Andrea -Vice Charity
  • Vasili Moutzouris – Sport
  • Raphael Papavarnavas – Cultural
  • Maritsa Kyriacou – General Member