Student Hellenic Association – SHA

As an affiliate based at the University of the Witwatersrand, SHA strives to marry the evident student culture and ‘’actual’’ hellenic culture at its disposal. SHA has already received positive feedback in the form of a large number of sign ups as a result of a successful congress in Cape Town in 2016. Our committee has adopted an ambitious approach to ensure that 2017 is more prosperous and consistent than previous years. Our new committee also looks forward to bonding, cooperating an innovating to help NAHYSOSA and all other Greek communities in South Africa.


  • Anastasia Achilleos

Vice President

  • Marianna Christophi


  • Eléni Xourafis


  • Giorgia Baltsoucos

Committee Members

  • Faith Tshibingu – Assistant Treasurer
  • Luke Perdikis – Events
  • Marisa Hazakis – Social Media