Student Youth Hellenic Society – SYHS

SYHS believes that simplicity is key and that event focus should be placed on uniting the three main sectors of its community: the seniors, the young adults and the children of Durban. SYHS thus plans to host multi-faceted events which appeal to every age and personality in order to bridge the gap between the community’s ‘’older’’ youth and the ‘’younger’’ youth. We wish to further reignite the Hellenic stronghold on the east coast by expanding awareness beyond Greeks and Cypriots; our goal is also to invite the Italian and Portuguese community to partake in celebrating our magnificent Mediterraneanism.


  • Angelo Constantinou

Vice President

  • Zoe Mesaritis


  • Rahul Singh


  • Dennis Mouzouris

Committee Members

  • Mario Stavrinou
  • Daniella Cotsiou
  • Chris Cotsiou
  • Aristides Manganas
  • Mario Mouzouris
  • Stella Cotsiou