Universities of Johannesburg Association – UJHA

UJHA (Universities of Johannesburg Association) represents a recent NAHYSOSA renaissance as a result of an ongoing restructuring process that took place throughout 2016, ultimately defining a new purpose and direction for this affiliate. UJHA thus aims its target at involving members of non-mainstream universities of Johannesburg and at bolstering awareness of the restructured committee within the Hellenic community. Our driving force is combination of the positive feedback and motivation provided to us by NAHYSOSA and our fellow affiliates as well as the general excitement pertaining to any new beginning – what more could we ask for? The newly elected UJHA committee looks forward to combining vintage and modern interpretations of what it means to be a hellene in the diaspora to ignite its affiliate rebirth.


  • Alexi Mavrikis

Vice President

  • Spiro Kasimiotis


  • Christina Economides


  • Neo Evangelides

Committee Members

  • Katerina Axiotis
  • Lambros Anagnostopoulos
  • Liza Mitsiaris
  • Periklis Balambanos
  • Sinead Hughes
  • Talyn Vassiliadis
  • Alexandros Axiotis
  • Andreana Kapareliotis
  • Demi Billis
  • Ioanni Theodorou
  • Ioannis Mitsiaris
  • Irene Angelopoulos
  • Nadia Daniel