NAHYSOSA  initiatives

  • Various social, religious and cultural functions aimed at uniting hellenes and exemplifying the hellenic ethos (click here to be redirected to our events page to learn more about our events)*1
  • Two annual meetings in which all 9 affiliate committees convene to identify and discuss various issues affecting the hellenic youth and NAHYSOSA
  • A 10 day National Congress that affords the opportunity to over 100 Hellenic youth to meet and interact with fellow Hellenes from around the country and the world
  • A Bursary Fund (founded in 1998) that has assisted many Hellenes through their tertiary education**
  • A Medical Assistance Initiative (founded in 2003) that has provided emergency funds to Hellenes in need of medical care 
  • Hosting the Miss Hellene Pageant in conjunction with the Hellenic Radio
  • Regular donations and assistance offered to various South African and Hellenic communities throughout South Africa
  • Informing NAHYSOSA members with frequent newsletters and magazines of relevant issues and our events
  • A radio show, NAHYSOSA Fresco, hosted by our members (this can be heard on 1422MW and also through live streaming on Saturdays from 11.00 – 13.00 here)*2

We thus invite you to be a part of this great tradition! Submit your details below*** to receive information regarding events in the Hellenic community (including the chance to partake in NAHYSOSA’s well-known Annual Congress). We have always been led and bound by our motto: UNITY, KNOWLEDGE AND CULTURE. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of it too?