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46th Anniversary of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

In commemoration of the 46th anniversary of the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus, we reached out to Andrea Nichas (president of NNCYA) and Christos Tuton (president of NEPOMAK Global) to give us some insight into the ongoing Cyprus dispute.    A PERSPECTIVE BY ANDREA NICHAS There is no doubt that you’ll have heard of the controversy, […]

Life of a DJ: Behind The Scenes

The feeling never gets old, the beats are synced, the sound is booming and everyone is moving to one, unanimous rhythm.. The treble, the bass, the crowd and most importantly, the bouzoukia- four very important necessities a DJ needs to completely take hold of a Hellenic event. The DJ gets to understand the crowd and […]

It’s all Greek to me!

I don’t think I can count the amount of times I’ve heard that saying, but I’ve recently realized just how often I’m at a loss for words when asked “so what does this symbolize?” or “how come that’s something you guys do?”… Perhaps that’s the irony of our culture, we are taught things as we’re […]

Study Medicine in Cyprus at the University of Nicosia Medical School

The University of Nicosia Medical School is the first & largest Medical School in Cyprus with more than 600 students coming from all around the world. Located in the heart of Nicosia, our state-of-the-art facilities make the University of Nicosia Medical School a fantastic place to learn.  From head-turning Anatomy to Clinical skills and Biology […]

Discovering Cyprus. Discovering Me.

Article written by Annie Kolatsis who attended the NCCT program in August 2017. NCCT stands for NEPOMAK Cyprus Culture Tour and is run by NEPOMAK.  When I sat down and thought about what to write about NCCT, nothing seemed good enough. How could I properly put into words what this tour had done for me? […]

Cyprus: An Insider’s Perspective

Blog post written by Andrea Nichas. Images sourced from Google.  They say a single picture can speak a thousand words, but what if not even a thousand pictures contained the truths of what was beyond the lens? What if what you see through your very own eyes is so incomparable to what your camera could […]

Top 15 Churches in Greece

Article written and compiled by Eugenia Papathanassiu. All images have been sourced from a variety of websites.  Around 98% of Greece follows the religion of Greek Orthodoxy (shocking, right!?) which means that Greece and its churches are like that chocolate doughnut covered in Byzantine, Cycladic, Venetian and medieval multicoloured sprinkles. Maybe you believe in Orthodoxy, […]

Our Ex President: Where is she now?

We interviewed our ex NAHYSOSA President, Andrea Spyron (2015 & 2016) to find out more about her exciting adventure and what she has been up to since handing over to current President, Andreas Coulbanis. 1. It has been approximately 5 months since you did the official handover. How did you feel in that moment and […]

15 Greek Restaurants for Mother’s Day

Has your mama opted to take a personal day this Mother’s Day by not whipping up her typically sumptuous Sunday spread? If so, why not recreate a similar ambience by spoiling her and taking her to one of these Greek restaurants near you? Have a look below at some our restaurant picks across South Africa! Click on […]