Greek Name Days – April

Greek Name Days – March

Greek Name Days – February

Greek Name Days – November

Make sure to wish your loved ones this month!

Infographic design & information compiled by Eugenia Pappathanassiu. 

Greek Name Days – October

My word time flies. Cannot believe we are already in October! Check the calendar out to ensure you are up to date with the name days for the month. Impress yia yia at Sunday lunch!

Infographic designed & compiled by Eugenia Papathanasiou

Greek Name Days – September

A new month and the start of Spring. A month filled with many celebrating their Name Day.

Make your yia yia’s proud!


Greek name Days – July

All the name days being celebrated in July! Keep an eye on the dates to make sure you wish all your family and friends. Happy July!

Greek Name Days – June

Infographic designed & compiled by Eugenia Papathanassiu. 

Greek Name Days – May

Never forget another Name Day! Introducing our first editorial piece that will be published monthly – our Name Day Calendar.

How often do you find out it is your own name day because your ‘yia yia’ from a village in Cyprus calls you to wish you? This no longer needs to be the case as we promise to update you monthly on the name day celebrations for the month so you can wish your family members and friends!

Happy name day to all those celebrating in May!

Infographic and information designed and compiled by Eugenia Papathanassiu