Upcoming events

SYHS: Taverna Evening

SYHS: Golf Day

CYA: Mother’s Day Event

CYA: Social 2019

HSA CT: Wine & Chocolate Tasting

HSA CPT Youth Ball

HSA CT: Slug Bus

HSA CT: Weekend Away

HSA CT: Taverna Evening

HSA CT: Leo Social 2019

HSA CT: House Party

BHYA: Kids Day 2019

PHYC: Social

PHYC: Church Talk

PHYC: Social

PHYC: Loukoumades

UJHA: Social

SHA Youth Ball

SHA Social

SHA Church Talk

SHA Church Talk

Soccer Day October 2019

Wine Tasting 2019

Mykonos Mayhem Social 2019

Greek Easter Soup Week 2019

Thursday Night Souvla 2019

Soccer Day March 2019

HSA CT: Youth Ball

ECHYA: Greek Ball 2018

SHA: Euro Social

CYA: Church Talk

PHYC: Youth Ball

HSA CT: Loukoumades Sale

HSA CT: Soccer Tournament

HSA CT: Wine Tasting

HSA Rhodes: Youth Ball

CYA: Taverna Evening

HSA CT: Slug Bus 2018

CYA: Church Talk

ECHYA: FIFA World Cup Final 2018

HSA CT: Weekend Away

CYA: Father’s Day Whiskey Tasting

BHYA: Hellenic Soccer Cup 2018

BHYA: Party With A Cause

HSA CT: Taverna Evening

HSA Rhodes: Coachella Daymare

CYA: Mother’s Day Cooking Class

PHYC: Mother’s Day Market

SHA: Tavli Corner

UJHA: Miss Hellene Launch Party

HSA CT: Leo Social 2018

SYHS: Easter Egg Hunt

PHYC: Social 2018

HSA CT: Flaounes

Miss Hellene Night Market

PHYC: Church Talk

HSA CT: Frat Party

HSA Rhodes: Mini Congress

HSA Rhodes: Greek Social 2018

HSA Rhodes: Toga Takeover 2018

SHA: Clean Monday 2018

CYA: Social 2018

HSA CT: Welcome Service

 A Greek Orthodox Service will be held in English on the 20th May. What a lovely opportunity for non-fluent Greek speakers to thoroughly understand and appreciate the service ✝️. Hope to see you all there!

HSA CT: Slug Bus

HSA’S ANNUAL SLUG BUS HAS ARRIVED We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the first week back at varsity than by slug bussing with all of you We will be bar hopping to 3 different Slug and Lettuce bars with a complimentary shot and free food at each bar. Tifla, of course, will […]

PHYC: Kiddies Fun Day

Join the PTA Youth on a fun-filled, kiddies day! Come and watch, or drop off your kids, at the Greek Community of Pretoria on the 19th of May, or after greek dancing from 15:00 – 16:30. There will be soccer, an egg and spoon race, painting, dancing, music and much more! Free of charge! There […]

BHYA: Come Wine With Me

JOIN NAHYSOSA BHYA FOR OUR FIRST EVER “COME WINE WITH ME” EVENT! Date: 13 May 2017 Time: 8PM till late Venue: Reizis square (the old Jack and Jill) Entrance: R50 ***This gets you in and gets you a wine glass for the night!*** Dress code: Semi-Formal Keep an eye on our page for our DJ […]

SHA: Beer Pong Tournament

Get your game face on for SHA’s Beer Pong! ???? Here are the deets… Date: Saturday, 6 May 2017 Time: 19:00 Place: Greek Sporting Club, Senderwood Price: R100 (Includes drinks for two rounds) This is our last event before exams start & you DO NOT want to miss out! Please finalise teams (3 players per […]