Hellenic Student Association Rhodes – RHODES

HSA Rhodes is situated in the quaint University town of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. This locale does not have too many persons of Hellenic descent but our society ensures that the cultural celebrations of Hellenes are felt throughout the town. We are one of the largest University societies and boast a number of prestigious events including our Greek ball and Toga takeover. Our philosophy promises to centre itself predominantly on culture. It is important for us to head back to the enriching elements of Hellenic society from which we have deviated in the past.


  • Rafaela Moutzoures


  • Chanelle Descroizilles


  • Kathrine Khoury


  • George Cooras

Committee Members

  • Delara Crouse
  • Zoe Lansberg
  • Nonny Beale
  • Jenna Kretzmann