Life of a DJ: Behind The Scenes

The feeling never gets old, the beats are synced, the sound is booming and everyone is moving to one, unanimous rhythm.. The treble, the bass, the crowd and most importantly, the bouzoukia- four very important necessities a DJ needs to completely take hold of a Hellenic event.

The DJ gets to understand the crowd and use music to show them how they are feeling. To be able to steer the night into whatever direction I choose is one of the most incredible feelings I have ever felt. The DJ has to be able to move through time. To be able to understand the past, and how the crowd has reacted to previously played songs, in order to know what to play in the present and predict the songs to play in the future. No doubt a demanding task to undertake- but one I accept with great pride.

The opportunity to create these experiences makes the job completely worthwhile and the excitement before every event has never and will never fade. Ενώσεις is everything and as a dj that’s something I know how to do well- bring a crowd of people together as one. I give them something to remember, not just a moment but a feeling of how they felt when certain songs were played. It’s indescribable knowing that I have that ability, I hope you’ve experienced it. Now if you haven’t, well then I best be seeing you at the PHYC Youth Ball this Saturday the 25th of August- I’ll have the dance floor ready for you. 😉

George Nichas