The National Association of Hellenic Youth and Student Organisations of South Africa
(NAHYSOSA) is a non-profit organisation, founded in 1981. Our ongoing success is an
achievement that we are proud of and highlights the solidarity that we bring among all
the Hellenic Youth of South Africa.

Our achievements and contributions have been recognized nationally (by the South
African Government and the Federation of Hellenic Communities and Societies of South
Africa), as well as internationally by the Greek and
Cypriot Governments, through SAE Africa/Middle East channels.

The NAHYSOSA is an umbrella body consisting of 9 member-committees that are based
countrywide, with at least one committee in each major area of South Africa. We can
truly claim that we are representative of all Hellenic Youth throughout South Africa.
Membership to the NAHYSOSA is accessible to every Hellenic Youth and we currently
boast in the region of 4000 members on our central database.

The NAHYSOSA has various initiatives that aim to unite the Hellenic Youth of South
Africa; to maintain and preserve our rich Hellenic heritage and culture; and to assist
Young Hellenes and those less fortunate. Our main initiatives include:

  • Various social, religious and cultural functions aimed at bringing young Hellenes
    together and promoting the Hellenic ethos
  • A meeting of all the 9 member-committees twice a year, allowing us to identify and
    discuss various issues affecting the Hellenic youth
  • A 10-day National Congress that allows over 100 Hellenic Youth the opportunity to
    meet and interact with fellow Hellenes from around the country & the world.
  • A Bursary Fund (founded in 1998) that has assisted many Hellenes through their
    tertiary education.
  • A Medical Assistance Initiative (founded in 2003) that has provided emergency funds to
    Hellenes in need of medical care.
  • Hosting the Miss Hellene Pageant in conjunction with the Hellenic Radio.
  • Regular donations to various Hellenic and South African charities
  • Regular donations and assistance to the Hellenic Communities throughout South Africa
  • Publishing and distributing frequent newsletters and magazines that maintain a regular
    contact with the NAHYSOSA’s members; informing them of current, relevant issues
    as well as promoting our functions
  • Hosting our own radio show (NAHYSOSA Fresco) which can be heard on 1422MW as
    well as through live-streaming on the web.
  • Various charity drives such as the one for the Victims of the 2007 Forest Fires in Greece
    as well as the campaign to assist Refugees in the recent crisis in South Africa

We invite you to be a part of this great tradition! Simply submit your details and you will
receive monthly newsletters and pamphlets informing you of all current and upcoming
events in the Hellenic Community including the chance to partake in NAHYSOSA’s
Annual Congress.

We have always been led by our motto – UNITY KNOWLEDGE CULTURE – don’t you
want to be a part of it too?