Student Hellenic Association – SHA

Wits has exciting prospects for 2018. By bringing together Hellenic students from all over Johannesburg (and even further in some cases!) we strive to create the feeling of “enosis” or “togetherness” amongst our members. We take pride in helping the Hellenic communities of South Africa, and our participation in numerous charity drives barely scrapes the surface of what we do. Our 2018 committee is full of new faces and fresh ideas, and we’ve incorporated this into some exciting events coming your way this year. Watch this space!


  • Christine Sarris

Vice President

  • Marisa Hazakis


  • Marissa Diakoyannis


  • Alexandra Loffstadt

Committee Members

  • Irene Diakoyannis & Eleni Orros – Marketing
  • Katerina Papademetriou & Alexandra Parris – Events & Cultural
  • Daniel Christodoulou & Alexi Couvaras – Religion
  • Irene Baladakis & Ioanna Simopoulos – Charity
  • Andonis Mutzuris
  • Ioanni Balassis
  • Stephano Stavrides