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If you require additional financial support to obtain your tertiary education, please follow the application process below.

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As a proud recipient of the NAHYSOSA Bursary, I believe that the fund itself empowers individuals who find themselves in difficult times. It enables these individuals to find light in the darkness and gives them the opportunity to pursue their dreams, dreams that may have previously seemed impossible to pursue. As the fund grows, so does the network of those enlightened by it. What this achieves is that, in time, we can turn bursars into benefactors.
- Nicholas Petrou


The NAHYSOSA Bursary Fund was established in 1998, and, as of 31 Dec 2021, we have granted bursaries in the excess of R1,500,000. These bursaries have contributed to the tertiary education of students in fields such as commerce, science, law, medicine, and the arts, to name a few.

We are led by the motto, “unity, knowledge and culture”, and our biggest aim is to maintain, and promote, Hellenic heritage, culture, language, traditions and religion, and ultimately unite the Hellenic youth in South Africa.

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Fine Print

The NAHYSOSA Bursary Fund is administered by an independent body. This bursary fund committee interviews and selects candidates using a set of criteria, ensuring full confidentiality and professionalism throughout the process.

The Fund has been registered as a company with PBO status and a board of directors who have ties to Hellenism across the country. The primary focus of the board is to build a sustainable, transparent and well governed bursary fund for many years.

Typically, bursaries granted will cover a portion of tuition fees these amounts depend on available funds each year and the circumstance of each candidate, with the aim of assisting as many applicants as possible. Applicants will be required to submit certain documentation and academic records to the committee. Recipients are also encouraged to be actively involved in the Hellenic community, and to support various social and cultural events hosted by NAHYSOSA to promote Hellenism.

Criteria and Documentation

The NAHYSOSA Bursary Fund aims to assist South African students, who are of Hellenic origin, and need financial assistance to complete their tertiary education.

In order to apply, applicants need to meet the below criteria:

  • Applicant must be a South African of Hellenic origin
  • There must be a demonstrable financial need
  • There should be an adequate academic record
  • The applicant must be studying/registered at a recognised tertiary institution in South Africa

To apply, candidate will need to submit the following documentation:

  1. Applications open on 28 December 2021 and close on 21 February 2022 at 11am.
  2. A motivation letter written by the applicant giving insights into:
      • a. who they are
        b. their aspirations
        c. their involvements
        d. casual employment and other paid activities
        e. providing details as to the family and financial situation
        f. any other financial assistance applied for
        g. any other information the candidate may deem relevant

  3. A copy of the applicants South African ID Book or ID Card.
  4. Proof of registration – official letter from Tertiary Institution (This is not an acceptance letter or an intent to register).
  5. Latest academic marks and records.
  6. Up to date fee statement showing historic amounts and the full amounts of the current year.
  7. Invoice for amount of tuition fees required.
  8. Three reference letters from people who know the applicant that can give a character reference. For example, high school testimonial, letter from employer etc.
  9. The selection committee may request additional documentation should they deem it necessary.

All the above details must relate to the applicant, and all communication will be exclusively with applicants. We appreciate that parents and family are interested in assisting with applications. We unfortunately are not in a position to communicate to anyone other than applicants at any part of the process.

All applicants undergo an interview with an independent selection panel. Each application is treated with the strictest confidentiality.

If you are financially disadvantaged and need help with your studies, you are eligible to apply for a bursary through the NAHYSOSA Bursary Fund. Apply now.


Please only upload PDF, Word, JPEG and GIF files, no other file types will be accepted.


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